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Best Travel Workout Accessories to synch Fitness & Travel

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I have always loved travelling, whether it was those nature study field trips of school days, or outstation sports events, or be it a holiday visit to some destination off the beaten road – ‘Have feet, will travel’ has always been my mantra.

Planned or unplanned, luxury or budget, short distances or long, I just need few minutes to pack my bags and I am ready. Its almost like an addiction, albeit of the healthiest kind. However, in the last few years, this healthy addiction of mine has found tough competition. Fitness has become an essential part of my life. For most people, travelling provides an opportunity to ‘escape’ from the necessities that fitness imposes, like ‘healthy eating,’ or following a strict workout regime. But thankfully, I’ve found a way to marry my two loves – Fitness and Travel. Rule#1 – You can’t stay unfit and travel to all sorts of places. When you eat clean and train dirty, you can stay energetic throughout and envelope yourself in an aura of positive energy. That fact is indisputable. Eating clean can be achieved by making the right choices and planning in advance. But what about those savage workouts that you are used to doing? What about #karnesehoga that accompanies all postworkout biceps-flexing gym selfies? Agreed, that the one thing that travelling can definitely hinder is the workouts. Rule#2 – You have to use your brain to come up with solutions. The need of the hour is to flex those grey cells of our brains at such times. Simply add the phrase ‘think smart’ to eat clean, train dirty. Recently, we had an annual meetup with our team, an overseas trip at a very touristy destination. The biggest dilemma that usually comes up in such situations is how to maintain your body condition without losing those abs while feasting on local delicacies! For my part, I had my itinerary on hand, so I planned in advance. I scheduled my gym workouts in those slots where nothing else was on the cards. I did home workouts when I had no time for gymming, and upped my NEAT when I went sight seeing. Now back home, and I am still in shape! I tested this same approach while attending a friend’s outstation wedding and the results were the same. Mind you, there was no gym there. So now, I am going to let you on to my secret technique to ensure that my scales are not tipping to the right, nor my clothes fitting too snugly whenever I travel. Rule#3 – Carry your Fitness with you: Here’s how to carry your fitness with you while on the move: Resistance band – If you love weight lifting, then this accessory is a must-have while travelling. It will provide you with a workout par Resistance bands are light and easy to pack and they come in varying degrees of tension (resistance). If you want to build muscle, you should carry multiple bands of varying resistance to progressively overload your muscles and help them to grow. Shoes – Believe me, this might be one of those underrated accessories that no one talks about when talking fitness, but it plays a crucial role. While packing your bags, it’s quite important to choose the right shoes, which can be a multipurpose fit – can be used while working out and also while walking around the town. Skipping ropes – Ropes are another very important item on your travel gear list. Stuck in the hotel, whether it’s cold or raining outside, you can still go for those 100’s and 1000’s of skipping reps and never miss your endurance or HIIT It is a great way of getting a tough workout that will burn fat and improve your cardiovascular system within minutes. A skipping rope is obviously lightweight, easy to pack and handy to carry. Abs roller – Bored of those crunches, worry not. You have another abs worker in place, Just try doing 5-6 sets with the roller and start feeling your abs again. TRX – Another one in the group of bands is the TRX cable. Using strong straps that are attached to handles, you can get a challenging, full body workout any place that has a door. Simply throw the anchor over the door and lock your door. Then pull or push to get that feel of a gym. Mat – if you are one of those people who love yoga, then simply roll up and carry your mat to incorporate a good strengthening and toning session anywhere – indoors or outdoors. Maybe you’ll even get yourself an admiring audience! Mini foam roller – Quite a lot of options for strength and endurance training, but what about the stretches to prevent soreness during the travel? The mini foam roller can be a neat travel accessory that can help you unknot those muscles after a challenging workout, or simply unwind after your hike. Backpack – Now that you have all that is required to keep that perfect shape even while you are travelling, pick a perfect backpack to carry all these and everything else, so that all your accessories fit in one place. A backpack is more ergonomic than other kinds of luggage, and you can expand them as per your needs. Although these fitness accessories are not likely to replace your everyday workout routine with the smith machine and kettlebells, you can’t deny the value of being able to pack a few of these items in a bag and have a gym at your disposal wherever you go. The added plus is that you can bring variations to your workout routine! So, if you are a frequent traveller and want to stay fit and enjoy your vacations, do keep a lookout for this gear when shopping next time! And don’t forget… Rule#4 – Have fun!
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