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Best Time to Workout

Exercise Science
Timing of workout is often used as an excuse by people to not workout. People often say that, “I have heard that morning time is the best time to work out, but I couldn’t find time in morning, so I can’t go to the gym” or “ I have heard that working out in evening can cause digestion issue, headache etc. and I only get time in evening”.

There are two research conducted on the timing of workout; (i) In 2016, Küüsmaa M and Colleagues tested 24 young men for 24 weeks and up to 12 weeks there was no difference found between people training in morning and evening , however after 12 weeks people training in the evening led to larger gain in muscle mass. Further, there was a follow up study carried in 2017 by Küüsmaa M and colleagues done on 51 subjects for 24 weeks, which also found similar results, that working out in evening might give you better training performance. Practical take away: While, limited studies does support that working out in evening gives better results than morning, which is perhaps because you are better fed, better hydrated and have more glycogen in your body, which influences your training performance to certain extent. Having said that, I personally have been working out for several years now and feel morning time is the best time for me because I tend to feel lazy after office and get empty gym in morning. So, to conclude, workout timing is best scheduled when you are psychologically motivated to go the gym and what best suits your life outside gym, rather than thinking much about morning is better than evening or vice versa. This is also because consistency is far greater parameter for long term health and fitness than timing of workout. Cheers!! References:

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