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Best Exercises to do while you are on PERIODS.

Best Exercises to do while you are on PERIODS.

Ladies don’t be weaken with the thought of bleeding. You are more stronger that what you think. If you experience pain from 1-6 on the scale of 10 then you can perform below exercises. One step at a time. 1. Gentle stretch and balancing: yoga is great for relaxation of the muscles and decreasing cramps and pain. Pilates is good for stretching muscles and reducing cramps and the menstrual pain that comes with them. Tai Chi is good for reducing tension and stress. 2. Strength training: If you are up to it, try some low-volume exercises. You should decrease the weight you might normally use. No really heavy-duty lifting at this time in your cycle. 3.Light cardio or aerobic exercise: this is not meant to be a stressful workout. The key word here is “light”. This can be a shorter amount of time on the cycle or in the pool, but far less time than you would normally devote any other day. 5. Walking: This is an easy exercise that you can incorporate into your day and usually does not require any special equipment, clothing or location. Even better is that it really does not take that much time and you can adjust your speed to fit your level of discomfort during that time. If the pain level is above 6 on 10 If you feel unusually fatigued, nauseous, or there is an increase in pain or discomfort, stop what you are doing and rest. If these symptoms continue stop completely. This is not a time to subscribe to the idea of “No pain, No gain”. Listen to your body and come back stronger. 💪🏼 #strongerduringmenstruation

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