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DEPRESSION - Depression is one of the major problems the world is facing these days. One study found that Omega 3 PUFA - EPA and DHA is beneficial to fight the symptoms of depression.however more research is needed on people with minor depression. Muscle Mass - The following studies were done on resistance-trained athletes/Middle-aged Men and Women/Older Adults found out that the supplementation of Omega 3 fatty acids increased the overall muscle mass which was the result of improvements in the rate of muscle protein synthesis and mTOR signalling.\ Muscle Soreness - Are you experiencing muscle soreness post-workout? Try fish oil/omega 3 supplementation, The following study examined the effects of fish oil supplementation on muscle soreness and found that fish oil may alleviate muscle soreness when the subjects took fish oil supplementation post-workout. Vegetarian Source? If you are looking for an alternative of fish oil for vegetarians and vegans then you can go for DHA supplement with algae. Why flax seeds are not considered? because Omega 3 which is found in the flaxseed oil is in the form of ALA ( Alpha-Linolenic Acid).ALA is not sufficient on its own to get all the benefits of fish oil in addition to that the ALA has to be converted by the body to its usable form and the conversion rate isn't good. For vegans/Vegetarians - Supplementation with DHA from Algae is a better source. However, these are some small benefits when compared to not supplementing with fish oil.

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Would spirulina be good?

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