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Benefits of strength training

Exercise Science
- Strength training or weight training or resistance training is a form of exercise, where you provide resistance to your muscles, through some external weights. The resultant stress to the muscles, triggers them to grow. The increased muscle mass eventually increases strength, balance and flexibility.

- When we are on calorie deficit and only doing cardio to achieve fat loss; we also run the risk of losing muscles. The importance of muscles in our body can't be emphasized enough. After the age of 50, we tend to lose 12-15 % of our muscle mass, every decade! (termed as sarcopenia) Less muscle mass leads to lower strength over time and hence poorer health over age. - So, our target during our weight loss journey should be to target fat loss and preserve muscles. Strength training acts as a saviour. Also if one wants to gain weight, target is always to gain lean muscles; again weight training is beneficial in this case. - Strength training aids in the burning of calories not just during the workout, but also while at rest. The reason being muscles require more energy to maintain and repair themselves after the strenuous routine. Hence, strength training is a good strategy to lose weight. - Strength training helps build bone mineral density and strengthens bones over time. Women, who are at a higher risk of age related osteoporosis, are greatly benefited with it. - According to studies, engaging in regular strength training decreases the risk of type2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. - Strength training helps reduce stress and anxiety as it demands concentration and focus and makes us feel energized. It releases endorphins which helps improve our mood and thus boost our self esteem. - Better sleep quality; as a heavy workout can help our body transition into deeper sleep. Sleep helps in recovery; growth hormones are released during sleeping. Our muscles recover and grow while we sleep! - Weight training is most effective to increase leg, core, upper body and lower back strength. As a result, our ability to perform day-to-day tasks is greatly improved. - Weight training can be started even by elderly , by using light weights or waterbottles, even own bodyweight exercises are a good start. It is never too late to start anything good. All the benefits can be achieved with consistent practice. Choosing the right kind of training is of paramount importance!! Pick up weights and get in shape!!!

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