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Exercise Science
Repetitions, sets and weights are one of the most confusing aspects for beginners. The main reason is the misinformation or scientifically wrong array of advice floating around; such as 'heavy weight for bulk, light weight for cut' , 'reduce weight training if you are on fatloss'. I have clubbed them together because they are interlined. Reps, sets and weight together control the total work done in a workout which is called the volume. With time your body needs to do more work to produce better results. A workout is only effective if it creates a stressor for the body to which the body adapts and you get stronger and muscular. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to do different rep ranges or sets every week. You just have to make sure that your body is doing more total work with time that can even be months.

1. Irrespective of your rep range, you have to choose a weight that's challenging. You should feel that you are near failure while completing the set. You should be close to the point after which you have to put serious efforts even to complete 1 more rep. 2. You can do high reps(20-25) or low reps(6-8) based on your preference. Choose the weight as per the rep range. If the rep range is high then the weight will be light(challenging for those many reps) and vice versa. 3. It doesn't matter how many reps you do unless they are effective ( hard enough). You can curl a pencil all day but you will never get big biceps. 4. It is not advisable for beginners to go too heavy on weights. Usually the form gets affected with heavy weights unless you master the technique. Choose a weight with which you can do atleast 6-8 reps. 5. The aim of workout should be to get better slowly. Don't make the mistake of increasing the three: weight, reps and sets together. Initially, keep the reps and sets constant and slowly increase weight. This should be very small increases (2.5kg or even less) and built up slowly. 6. With time you can add sets slowly. You can also change rep range if you want but don't change too frequently. Choose a rep range and get stronger on it. It will take few months. 7. A good starting point for a beginner would be to do atleast 10sets per muscle group and a rep range of 12 to 15.

Dara Singh Handa

Edit 7th point : minimum 10sets per muscle group/ week

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