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BEGINNERS TRAINING SERIES Part 1- The initial Nervousness

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A newbie who enters a gym is overwhelmed with questions and inhibitions. He is confused about the exercises, the right form, the reps, the sets, the weights and also worried about the people judging him. To add to the misery, every other person suggests something new which adds to the confusion. This is one of the main reasons why beginners are scared of entering the gym.

A beginner’s routine is relatively simple if you look at it scientifically. Beginners respond to almost any stimulus they experience. The reason is because their body is not used to much physical stressors and even small amount of stressor would lead to adaptive response. However, one of the biggest mistakes beginners make is copying the routine of a pro bodybuilder or the big guy at the gym. It's like you want to be good at math so you directly start with calculus because the math expert does that. You'll end up confused, stressed and in self doubt. Let's break down the basics to make things as easy as possible for the beginner. THE INITIAL NERVOUSNESS! It's human nature to feel uncomfortable in a new environment. This is applicable to any new surrounding. Be it a new office, a new college, a new locality, a city, a country or any new place. It's just that we don't relate to people there and their ways of working. Slowly as you get used to the environment, you losen up a bit and start feeling better. Here's are few tips to make things easy. 1.Don't enter the gym clueless. We are in the internet era. Just typing the words ' beginners gym workout' will fetch you 100s of results. Learn about the different exercises, forms, the muscle it targets etc. watch videos and tutorials. 2. Choose one tutorial which has good reviews and follow it. Anyone could understand these basics in 5-10mins. 3. There's nothing ideal about a beginners program. It's just that a way to to get people acquainted by the movement patterns and the surrounding. You just have to practice and learn the different exercises and slowly try to get stronger. 4. The more you enter prepared, the lesser you'll feel nervous. Part 2 coming soon


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