Dara Singh Handa

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Exercise Science
Have you ever tried writing with your non dominant hand? Or throwing the ball with it?

I'm sure it's very hard irrespective of your age or experience of the activity with your dominant hand. Try practicing for a while and you will improve. The reason is simple again. It takes your motor units time to learn the movement patterns and become good at it. The more you do an activity the better you are going to get at it as you'll be able to involve more motoneurons. I see lot of people stressing too much intially about the form. While it's important to follow some basic instructions ( neutral back, arch when needed, no unnecessary momentum, feet fixed on the ground) you may not be perfect when you start. With time your brain gets better at understanding the movement pattern and you perform it better. Make a note of the following points if you are a beginner. 1. Before doing any exercise, watch video tutorial multiple times while trying to mimic the movement. 2. Video tape yourself while performing the exercise and try see if there is a scope for improvement. 3. Exercises may look different on different individuals due to the postural and biomechanical differences. 4. Try and understand which muscle group is being worked. You'll be able to feel the exercises better. 5. Don't try to be perfect at start. You'll improve with time. 6. You have to consider your injuries and mobility limitations while performing some exercises. 7. Develop a habit of training in full range of motion considering your safety.
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