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Exercise Science
People are often lured by fancy exercises. Often they want to find the best exercise. However, the concept behind resistance training is simple. You have to load a muscle in it's working range, completely considering your mobility and injuries. This loading can be via body weight, free weights, kettlebells, machines, resistance bands etc. You slowly have to try to challenge your last lifted weight everytime and you improve. Simply speaking, resistance training makes a muscle stronger in it's natural range of motion by making it work above the comfort.

Our body is an outcome of millions of years of evolution. Most of the activities were surrounded around our survival. Naturally we are more used to using our body as a unit. Muscles work in group to produce a perticular movement. The movement that involves multiple muscle groups and joints are compound movements. We can also isolate a muscle or muscle group by performing isolation movement which involves a single joint. Your workout should have a mix of compound and isolation movements. In my opinion, a beginner should focus intially on compound movements more, to develop the coordination, control and balance. Compound movements are more taxing, thus, you can get more out of your time. Once you progress a bit, you can add some isolation movements for more volume or lagging muscle groups. Stop stressing about the best exercises. Exercise selection should be such that your complete body is worked over the course of a week. To simplify further, let's divide the basic movements into different types and exercise involved. Hip dominant (in increasing order of difficulty) Glute bridge Hip Thrust Goodmorning Romanian Deadlift Deadlift Knee dominant(in increasing order of difficulty) Box squats Leg press Goblet squat Lunges Barbell squat Upper body pull(in increasing order of difficulty) Pulldown Rows Chinup Pullup Upper body push(in increasing order of difficulty) Machine press Shoulder press Bench press Pushups Arm work(in increasing order of difficulty) Bicep curl/tricep pushdown(cable) Bicep curl/tricep extension ( dumbell) Bicep curl/tricep extension( barbell) Core(in increasing order of difficulty) Planks Crunches Leg raises Just choose one exercise form each category and master the form. Practice it atleast twice a week. Go on getting stronger on them for atleast 3 month. After that change the exercise if you want. Start with the easier versions if you are a beginner. These are the basic movements and there are n number of exercises that can be done breaking them down. It's more important for beginners to getting better on the basics.



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