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Beginner supplement series Part III - MASS Gainer

If you are a very lean(thin) person, joins the gym to gain weight and you see some huge guys there with the good amount of muscles of course with huge bellies, you go to them and ask them the tips to gain weight. They suggest you buy a mass gainer to gain the weight and also tells you that it is cheaper than whey(If you haven't read my whey article here it is: ). What is mass gainer?

A mass gainer is a mixture of different sources of carbohydrates, different sources of protein, creatine, and vitamins. It is high in carbohydrates and low in proteins per scoop(the scoop size is high) compared to whey protein. How does a mass gainer work? As the carbohydrates and calories are high per scoop in a mass gainer it may help you to get into surplus and may help you to gain weight. It works only if you are consuming more calories than you burn. Is it worth? No, it is not worth in spending money on a mass gainer. Instead of that you can get a good whey protein(if you are not able to meet protein requirements through dietary foods) and eat in the surplus from dietary foods which will help you gain. The solution: To gain mass you need to eat in surplus which means you need to consume more calories than you burn. A balanced diet which is surplus in calories with appropriate protein along with weight training(Progressive Overload) will help you gain the mass. Also, remember that gaining muscles is not as easy as losing fat and it takes a good amount of time to gain muscles. Be consistent, follow a proper diet and progressively overload the weights.
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