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Be Aware Of Hidden Calories 👀

Dieting Psychology
You might step foot on the scale one day and you just haven’t progressed with your weight loss. You start to think to yourself “I don’t understand, I’m following everything to plan & why can’t I lose weight?”. The answer could potentially be quite simple. You’re not tracking the hidden calories.

You might be putting certain sauces on your meals. A serving of tomato sauce has 5g of carbohydrates, which doesn’t sound like a lot but when you’re having it on your food several times per day those calories add up. You might be putting cooking oil on your pan, a serving of cooking oils can contain up to 15g of fat. That’s an extra 135 Calories! You might not be taking into account alcoholic drinks, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram so having several drinks (especially beer) adds up. And finally you could just be having little snacks such as a handful of chips, a big bite of a cheeseburger etc. You might not think these things aren’t a big deal but again they do add up. Take these things into account and realise that the little mini things mentioned in this post could be causing you to over-consume on calories or even put you into a surplus! #fittrcoach #iamfittr #fittr

nisha aggarwal

great to call out about hidden calories...they indeed add up in your diet

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