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Be Accountable To Yourself! (Track Your Progress Smartly)

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When I do my weekly calls with clients, my first question is - how did your week go?

Invariably, some clients say there’s an issue that they are giving 100%, doing everything perfectly as per the plans but they’re still not seeing enough progress. The truth is that in most cases, people are consuming additional calories without realising it (in a few cases, activity level is also an issue). Usually, we measure our progress on a weekly basis. But do you know how it really works?  First of all, you won't see results if you don’t track your calorie intake & activity levels everyday. Plus, there are other psychological parameters as well that affect your progress. The sum of these daily efforts is your weekly progress!  In simple words, give 100% each day. If you follow your diet and exercise regularly, that’s when you can expect to see some weekly progress. So, how do you achieve this?  For this, you need discipline and not motivation. Motivation may push you to follow the plans for a few days or weeks but soon, you’ll go back to your old habits. Ultimately, discipline is what helps you achieve sustainable results. So choose your weapon now. The Accountability Table: I have prepared a table where you can be accountable to yourself.  Try to get maximum ✔️ marks in your daily time table. If you see more ❌ marks, that means you have to change your habits & build more adherence.  Work & overcome it first before checking your progress blindly. Do this every single day, and over the next few weeks and months till you see all ✔️marks. By that time, I am sure you will be much more disciplined and don't go around looking for motivation.  Build Accountability: Be accountable to yourself first. Your coach can't assure your results unless you follow the plan consistently every day. Yes, every single day matters - that's how you transform.  It's a very simple give and take policy. The more you maintain your discipline, the better and faster you’ll see progress. Things To Follow: 1) Quantity your food: Accuracy should be your top most priority, especially in terms of counting calories. 2) Track Relentlessly: Whether it’s 1tsp of sugar, a single bite of a cookie or literally any bite of anything, make sure you count the calories. These small nibbles add up and before you know it, you’ve exceeded your macros. 3) Be truthful to yourself: Mark ✔️ ONLY if you think you have followed the plan 100%. If not give ❌ and work on doing better. 4) Activity Log: Write down all physical activity performed throughout the day. It may be bodyweight workouts, cardio, HIIT or anything. 5) Rate Yourself: Start rating yourself before blaming science or anything. Be honest here.  Note: You can also check your psychological health parameters such as stress level, mental health, emotional cravings etc. in the additional comments.  For all those who deviate frequently, you can prepare your own tracker similar to this & take a printout and paste it on the wall where you can see it every day. That should be your self motivation.  Rectify your mistakes, improve every time you fail, give it an attempt to be accountable to yourself! Try this & let me know your thoughts on this.

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