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Bang For Your Fitness Buck

Exercise Science
NO, You do not NECESSARILY need to do any cardio to elicit fat loss. When it comes to cardiovascular work, I am highly conservative, allow myself to explain. We all have busy lives and schedules, the fact you make it to the gym regularly is impressive, you are already vastly ahead of the majority but with this active lifestyle means we need the biggest and best bang for our fitness buck.

So while yes, you can spend your spare hour per day on a treadmill, it would be of much greater use spending that same hour strength training. Strength training, even very novice strength training, stimulates your muscles, reshapes your body composition, maintains and builds lean muscle tissue, and triggers a positive metabolic response, unlike most forms of cardio. As mentioned, you need the biggest bang for your fitness buck; this means preserving as much LBM (lean body mass) as possible and staying metabolically active by stimulating the muscle. Check out this study; two groups were kept on a calorie-restricted diet, GROUP A performed one hour of cardiovascular work four times per week, while GROUP B was given a strength training regiment in which they did a variety of resistance training exercises three times a\per week. At the end of the study, it was GROUP A (only cardio group) that had total weight loss, now before you stop reading and hop on the nearest treadmill, note that GROUP B also lost a significant amount of weight (near identical) in addition to retaining more LBM. Moreover, GROUP B participants saw an increase in energy expenditure at rest or Resting Metabolic Rate (even though the increase is not significant enough) Further, note that GROUP B saw very similar weight loss and metabolic benefits with one less hour per week, what could you do with an extra hour? Reference https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/07315724.1999.10718838

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