Harshal Kamthe

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Balancing fitness, health and work.

Are you making up INEXCUSABLE reasons to avoid staying fit while having a tough schedule? Let's bust this nasty myth you've been sold: It is NOT that tough to juggle your fitness, health and work at the same time. As with anything you want to achieve in life - finding this balance requires a little discipline, a little dedication, and a lot of consistency. The steps are simple: you plan out a daily schedule that includes a fitness regimen. You learn to manage your time in a way that enhances performance in all aspects of your life. Next, you stay realistic about your goals. You don't want to be over-ambitious for a week and then give up altogether! Finally, you learn to go about your fitness the way it suits *you*, instead of trying to follow a generic plan made by someone else. And do remember to take a break and cut yourself some slack every once in a while!
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