Jitendra Chouksey

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Are you scientific? Are you really?

“Science is like time, it moves in a forward direction" I see a lot of people dolling out crappy advice in the name of science, fetching google posts and quoting them as evidence in support of their ill-formed arguments. That's only science if you're graduated from WhatsApp university. You've to understand what science really is to understand if you're scientific. One of the best definitions of science is this: "Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organises knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe" It says systematic enterprise! Not the ultimate truth, not altruistic, not omnipotent, na aa! Systematic enterprise that builds and organises knowledge. Science organises knowledge so does google, then what's the difference between the two? The difference is "systematic, testable explanations"! "If you drink water while standing, you'll get arthritis" Information? Yes Systematic? No Testable explanation? No "If you consume protein, it will damage your kidneys" Information? Yes Systematic? Yes Testable explanation? No Science advances on the basis of experiments, discussions and scientific debates, metas and peer reviews. It doesn't stop. It gets better over time! It helps us become better as people. It provides us with deeper insights! Allows us to learn more about the universe, build, communicate and prosper! What do people do? Blame science blatantly when they don't understand science! The often used argument is "science doesn't know it all", which btw is also a common fallacy while arguing or debating, while typing on a scientific gadget, sitting in a geometrical room with at-least 10 scientific equipments! How convenient! I was having a discussion with one of our guys the other day and he asked me, "JC when do you think we'll become a developed country" to which I responded "It may take a while. A developed country doesn't mean just developed infrastructure, it means developed people, so long as our people resist science or resist changes, they'll never ever be fully developed" History shows that science was always met with criticism & violence from people who held extreme beliefs. So many people died protecting science. But look here we are, acknowledging our mistakes, acknowledging those great people and acknowledging science. But are we really? Or are we making the same mistakes as those people who held extreme beliefs? Three generations from now, would we be called scientific? The "Eating carrot improves eyesight" joke: Did you know that "Eating carrot improves eyesight" was just a joke played out by UK soldiers so they won't have to reveal about their night-vision technology. The people who believed it, now do they sound smart to you? Food for thought! Cheers,

Sudesh Waghmare

mind blowing sir.a very nice couplet can explain it in a poetic way- फरिश्ते से बेहतर है इंसान बनना, मगर इसमें लगती है मेहनत ज्यादा।

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