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Are you really giving your 100% ?

Few days back I was working in gym and I overheard a few women gossip on the treadmill. There is another lady who is a fellow squatian, an artist, and also a mom of a ten year old boy. She has already lost huge kilos by adopting this healthy lifestyle and weight trains with me every single day. Now the other women asked her if she was married and when she said that she has a ten year old son, they gasped. Suddenly it seemed my lady has lost her worth in their eyes. Why do we judge another person not knowing the hurdles they faced to stand where they are today? This friend of mine had eating disorders, body image issues, and many health problems that she has overcome to stand where she is standing today.

Indian moms are projected in society in a certain way, and we have become so comfortable with that image that anything out of the box and we reject it. How many moms out there have heard these sentences? Why are you trying to look like your daughters sister? She will have image issues when she grows up! shaadi ho gayi? bacche bhi? phir kyon ye karna hai? (you are married, have kids too, then why all these?" abhi kya es umar mein modal banna hai? (You want to become a model at this age?) Doesn't dress like this in front of your son! His friends will make fun of him. What will happen after doing all these? Ultimately bacche hi to palne hai (ultimately you will just need to raise those kids being a mom) As if you become a mom, and you have no life other than cooking cleaning, working for home and office if you are a working individual. Listen up ladies. Self care and self love is not only important it's an integral part of building the foundations right even for your kiddos. You cannot pour from an empty jug! You stay fit, you stay exemplary, you stay young- your child will cherish that forever. They will remember, every time you failed, you cried, every time you gave up and couldn’t be there for them due to physical limitations. Children are smarter than you think. They observe and grow… each and everything. And if a child says that you are fit and fine, maybe you really are! Capture these points in your mind and repeat them forever: • You are mother India- yes! But this is no 1957. You are a modern woman. Take charge of your priorities. • "I have no time to take a bath after baby, how can I take time for myself?" - Again… priorities. Having a child is precious. Don’t make it a chore. Learn to delegate. Call up mother figures to help for a few hours, employ a help, and speak to a crèche. If you look up, options are there, you just have to choose. • "After office I am physically not able to muster energy, I feel guilty leaving my child behind that is the only time I get to bond" - true. Hence home workouts that can involve in a playful way with children. Let them grow up seeing that working out and staying fit is as integral part of life as brushing teeth or changing clothes. • "Pregnancy fat doesn’t go easily specially the abs" -n did the pregnancy and childbirth happened in 4 weeks? Then how can the fat accumulated at 9months+ go away so soon? There are ample fit moms in this forum who have done this to set examples. There is nothing like patience and consistency. If they can you can too! • "The spark of my relationship with my husband has gone away after childbirth and I feel unsexy!" - as bad as it sounds the child happened in your womb, so to take care of yourself, getting in shape, and bringing the fire back is also in your hands. Fit body not only feels sexy, but also doesn’t need the labels of others to make you feel good. When the confidence oozes out from within you to feel confident in your skin, you feel happy inside out, and that ripples to all your relationships. • "I hate wasting food- my child doesn’t finish entire plate so I finish his leftovers" - STOP! This is number one reason for moms to get fat. You can do either - stop unrealistic expectation from a child to eat what you feel is right. Offer only healthy food. If hunger pinches he will eat. Or, just throw away the leftovers. Those are his food. Not yours. So you will not eat that! Period. • What's right for them may not be right for you. There is a thin line between calorie conscious, and healthy. What is healthy for them may be not calorie friendly for you. Do not intermix them both. • Parties and outings: when you are going out make smart choices. Carry your munchies in Tiffin box, eat the closest substitute to your macros, or eat at home and then go and pretend you have Diarrhea! It works. • Most moms feed nibbles from their child's plate or platter. not knowing not only the total ratio of the daily calories are getting impaired, think of the germs that your saliva is putting in your fingers that again is going to your child's body. • Eat your food first: as weird as it sounds, children sometimes take ages to finish their food. If you sit with theirs first, changes of these nibbles increases. So cook food as per your macros, finish them in a jiffy and then sit with their food. since your tummy is already full, chances of binge- ZERO • The boss of the hubby scolds him- he comes back and takes it on you, - you take it on the dear child, with minimal or no fault of him. Stress begets stress. And we all know stress is directly proportional to fat gain. When you work out regularly, eat right, and stay happy, you will learn to handle these stressful situations better. When you workout, our body releases hormones like Endorphins, dopamine and serotonin- these are the guys that make you feel happy and good about yourself. They reduce the heartbreak, anger and other stress that’s become part of our daily life. So happy mom= happy home! • Remove junk from home: don’t bribe your kids with unnecessary sugar overload or junk food. They don’t know right from wrong, but you do. Offer them healthy food, keep healthy snacks at home and make it a habit that comfort is not food. Comfort is a happy healthy long disease free life. You lead by examples, they will follow the same way they learnt mother tongue!!! • Include family: there is nothing good than a good looking happy family. Rope in your husband/ spouse; if your child is near puberty start mild weight training; put them in sports and other physical activities. Do couple workouts together, film each other, correct each other, there is nothing more romantic than having a gym partner at home. So those happy hormones I was talking about gets released there too in the better half… result? blissful home <3 Seems too hard? Not when you make up your mind and just do it… like wonder woman says: "You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know" Aren't we all wonder women?

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good one, so relatable 🤩.

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