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Are you progressing slow as compared to others?

​Why am I progressing slow and others are progressing faster?

​Author - Pankaj Dhuper ​SQUATS Coach As a fitness coach one of the most common question or concern we get from clients is about their progress being slow as compared to others. Gradual the progress its better If you are progressing gradually it is good. The gradual the progress its better as its going to be sustainable in the future. Take your time to adapt the lifestyle. Think long term not short term goals. Its important you sustain the weight you lose not losing it fast and then regaining it all back. And gaining fat as opposed to gaining muscle if your goal is muscle gain. No point comparing with others There is no point comparing yourself with others as every one has a different body type, composition, starting weight, metabolism, activity levels, prior diet history, lifestyle and many other hormonal factors. So, concentrate on your own journey and just use others transformation as a motivation not as a demotivation. Healthy fat loss or muscle gain We nutrition coaches tend to approach client’s progress go gradual intentionally as well. As for a healthy fat loss anyone should not lose anything more than 0.5-1% of their total body weight weekly. So, even if your body will show drastic weight loss being your coach we will make sure to adjust the calories in such a way that you do not lose faster. Same goes for muscle gain as well if you are gaining faster than its not muscles its fat. Muscle gain is a very gradual process which takes time. Many ways to judge the progress There are many ways to judge your progress. Its not only weight but your inch loss which will be visible with your clothes fitting, how you feel overall adapting the lifestyle change, your strength improvements in training, your overall feel through out the day at work and at home, your sleep quality and your stress levels. Please note if you are religiously following the right nutrition and doing regular workouts you will find positive results in most or all the above factors. So, stop worrying about scale not changing every day or every week. Its not important. Enjoy the journey As a fitness coach who has managed to transform many clients - I can assure you if you start enjoying the journey and put efforts to adapt it as your lifestyle with mindful eating and doing workouts regularly - you will be a much healthier and happier person in a long term as opposed to getting demotivated looking at others transformations which will lead to your failure in some time.

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