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Are you not progressing?

Do you have had periods where it feelt like you have put in the work that is required from you and still you do not see any growth in muscle or reduction in weight? There are a few common mistakes that could be worth considering,

- Hitting a training plateau. Your body will try to adapt to whatever training you put it through by growing stronger. Once the body is on pair with your current training you need continue stimulating the body and therefore change the way you train in some way, like increasing volume, load or decreasing rest, or even completely change up your routine. This will ensure that your body never truly adapts and always is in a state of growth. So sticking to that one program your coach showed you months ago does not work, instead use what you learned from it and make it different. - Stress. This factor is a bigger one that many may not realise, but stress causes a release of the hormone cortisol which can be dangerous under frequent stress. Stress has been proven to shorten the lifespan, also causing muscle wastage and fat gain. We all know stress is not always avoidable, but by planning out your days it can surely be lowered! - Lack of sleep. Just like stress, lack of sleep causes a wrong hormonal stimulans within the body, releasing less of growth factoring hormones and more of muscle breaking hormones. Try to prioritise your sleep, with quality sleep at night you will have more productive hours during the day. - Going on assumptions. Assuming that you have had sufficient amount of food is usually not enough as you actually do not know if you are up to plan or not. Best solution is to get a food scale and track consumption through apps or notes. This may be very boring and time consuming, especially for beginners. With practice you will start to master calculating foods and it will be much quicker and maybe then you will be able to do assumptions and tricks to fit your lifestyle while still getting progress! If you get these factors right you are guaranteed progression! At the end of the day your body does not want to change, it wants to remain in its comfortzone. See the body as an slave, and your mind as its master, it obeys whatever you put it through.
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