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Are you future ready?

With so much going on, people are constantly being challenged to upgrade themselves and upgrade their knowledge and keep up with the trending stuff, I thought maybe I'd write a little something about it from my perspective.

I am doing it because I feel this is a smart group and people have above average IQ and can comprehend a little bit of complexity. If at any time you feel you don't understand anything, ask right away in the comments and I'd be happy to simplify it further with examples. I just don't want this article to go on forever. If someone asked me what age it is, I'd say this is the age of responsibility. Where it's no longer cool to be hip and smoking weed without any care in the world. Sure you're free to do so, but you'd be judged. Nobody will pass upon a judgement but you'll be judged because there's just too many problems in the world to accommodate just another lazy bum who has no clue about his/her life. Being fit physically is the first step, it teaches you a lot about how to tackle stuff in the real world but it's not the end goal. In this age, if you're just "6-pack abs" charming guy/girl with no substance, you'd be judged. Being fit has to be de-facto but there needs to be so much more on top. The next step is to pick up a responsibility. Sure we'd all been around those uncles and aunties who can endlessly talk about how Sharma ji didn't spend enough money and the that ice-cream was missing at her daughter's reception. If you cribbed at that, rest assure, your kids will crib when you watch big boss and engage in similar gossip and are not doing anything meaningful in this world. There won't be any judgement, but you'd be judged, you'd be able to see that in their eyes. That's how it works. So pick up a responsibility! Propagate science and then propagate spirituality. When you do it the other way around, I can bet 100% that you don't understand either. When you go deeper into science, you naturally begin to understand the limitations. It's a process. You don't assume the limitations because when you do, you're just another fanatic who's not really interested in learning or spirituality but more in assuming a higher moral ground for arguments sake. Be vocal about what you're going to do and then do it. What's the worst that'll happen? You'll fail? Nobody cares. But if you succeed, people will know you as someone who has clarity, someone who can walk the talk. It's how you hold yourself accountable and keep building your profile. Measurable progress, keep unlocking your achievements. Start making some changes that can lead to some positive changes in the world. Keep a simple diet, plant a tree, pick up the garbage, stop using a lot of leather, if you can't, just try. If you can't eliminate meat, reduce the consumption. Reduce the use of supplements. Reduce the consumption of diet drinks, avoid plastic bottles, Start using recyclable clothes, waterless clothes, start adopting EVs and promote the usage of EVs. You can't do all of this today, neither can I But we can start thinking about it today and then make the changes in our own sweet time because like I said, this is the age of responsibility. We'd be judged by our kids for our actions. I want to grow old to be able to look straight into my daughter's eyes and tell her that “hey, I made this world a better place”. Remember, getting fit is a start, we have a long journey ahead of us. Luckily, we understand it much better than the people who're still busy talking about the missing ice-cream in Sharma ji's daughter's reception. It's a good day to start! Cheers,

Abir Das


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