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Are you fit enough ?

Want to optimize your body and your fitness levels?

Fitness is not just about working up a big sweat. It doesn’t mean having insta-worthy abs or exercising two hours a day. 💪🏽 Fitness is a mix of several components: 💪🏽 Optimal cardiovascular function 💪🏽 Joints that don’t cause you pain 💪🏽 Enough muscle and low enough fat to meet your goals 💪🏽 Good hormonal balance 💪🏽 Sufficient daily sleep to support all of the above A lot of people think that you need to exercise more and more if you want better fitness and a better body. Not true! The most common bottlenecks to optimal fitness are rarely a lack of training time, but more often things like persistent sleep issues or chronic joint pain. 💪🏽 common bottlenecks through targeted nutrition and supplementation 💪🏽 Tackle dieting psychology, an incredibly common stumbling block 💪🏽 Address non-exercise movement (like your body positioning at work) 💪🏽 Find how best to track your progress and set realistic fitness goals 💪🏽 Focus on overall fitness (cardiovascular health , blood glucose levels ,Well balanced hormone levels, proper sleep , Having less body fat ,Good muscle mass ,Well balanced diet and regular exercises) So Lets track our overall fitness and not just how physically we are fit !!💪🏽 💪🏽 Thank you for your time.

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