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Are you eating a good food or bad food?

Dieting Psychology
How often have you heard these statements like "Don't eat rice, it will make you fat" or "don't eat carbs at night"? Mostly people end up believing in those statements and start following those myths. Some particular food items get tagged as "bad food". Let me tell you something. There is no "Good food" or "Bad food" in particular. What takes the major role is whether you are making the Right Choice while selecting the food items or not.

You always have to keep in mind whether you are in a fat loss journey or want to gain muscle, is the overall calories which matters the most. You need to balance your overall energy. More calories in, less calories out, you will gain weight. Less calories in, more calories out, you will lose weight. No single food item can determine your overall progress.   So now if you are thinking "Ok, I will include one or two of my favorite foods in the diet plan", then think again. If your favorite food items are some random junk foods, Will it be wise to add those items which might make you deviate from your goal or make you lose control of your cravings and you end up eating more? You are consuming 1200 calories and you decided to complete that by eating ice creams only, will that be efficient and sustainable? No, right? Even if you complete your daily calories, you will still feel hungry. Choose wisely. Food with high calories and low satiety level should be avoided at the beginning while preparing your diet plan. Every food item has some macronutrients but it would be your responsibility to choose the right food which will help you to sustain in your diet.   Count every calories while preparing your diet. Choose the right food and include that in your plan, not because it's a "Good food" or "Bad food". Make your diet plan more sustainable for the long run which can ultimately help you to reach your goal.😊

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