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Are You Being A Good Parent?

Are You Being A Good Parent?

As a parent, have you ever asked this question to yourself - am I setting the right example for them? If you have, what was the answer? Whatever you do, you are constantly setting an example for your little ones to follow. You know that they are fast learners and the best trainer around them is you. If we as parents are eating out frequently and making unhealthy food choices on a regular basis, our little ones are going to do the same thing. Before you know it, they will develop habits that will lead to obesity and other health issues. Many of us don’t seem to realize that by not doing any physical activities, we may be fine in the short term but the long term effect for both ourselves and our loved ones aren’t good. Exercise is the most underrated thing in our life but somehow, we always find reasons to stop or avoid it. We have spent endless hours playing physical games in our childhood but unfortunately, our kids are entangled in mobile games. They need your help to pull them out of this zone and introduce them to some physical activities. You are the most important role model to your children; if you want your kids to follow a healthy lifestyle, they must see you practising it first. My personal experience suggests that kids are watching you all the time and they want to emulate you. For instance, I work out at home these days because of the pandemic. Looking at me working out every day, my daughter asked me to create her workout plan too. For the last 2 months, she has been working out daily for an hour. She can hold a plank with ease for more than a minute. She also loves eating eggs, chicken, soya and vegetables and avoids junk food. We must make sure we are full of energy while playing with our kids and give them the time they deserve. We should be less lethargic and more active while engaging with them in physical activities. A research was carried out on preschool-aged children to examine their food and beverage choices. Their total purchases were classified according to the number of healthy and less healthy products they selected as least healthy, somewhat healthy, and most healthy choices. The same categories were used to classify parents’ self-reported purchases. Most of the children (70.8%) purchased foods that were categorized as least healthy choices. Only 13 children (10.8%) had shopping baskets consisting of the healthiest choices. When presented with a wide array of food products, young children chose combinations of healthier and less healthy foods and beverages. The data suggests that children begin to assimilate and mimic their parents’ food choices at a very young age, even before they can fully appreciate the implications of these choices. We invest in insurance so that our loved ones are assured of a good lifestyle in our absence. How about investing in our own health too? This will surely make our present and future beautiful and healthy. And remember, as said earlier, your little ones are going to follow you. Sooner or later, all of us are going to exit this beautiful home called Earth. Let’s make sure it’s not because we made bad lifestyle and health choices. Let’s follow a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy things and devote some time for our own body; if not for ourselves, then at least for our loved ones. Being Fit is the new Parenting,. Set the best example for kids to follow. Reference – Cheers for fitness. VJ

Swati Mishra

m so lucky that my kid is not fond of junk food atall .as a parent we are trying our best to give him good knowledge and make him understand about healthy life for mind body and soul...nice and true😊

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