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if you experience, 1. A general feeling of not being well 2. Feel tired all the time 3. Shortness of breath even while walking few steps 4.Spending much more time in doing same work than before. 5. Decrease in work-capacity. 6. Decrease in concentration. This condition is called as Anaemia. In this condition often there in decrease in size, number or capacity of red blood cells to carry Oxygen to each and every cell of body and bring back carbon-di-oxide back to the lungs. Due to less haemoglobin there is limited exchange of O2 and CO2 between blood and tissue cell which leads to feeling if tiredness, dullness and shortness of breath. How shall I confirm? You can confirm this condition by simple blood test which is HB test Haemoglobin less than 11 for women and less than 13 for men is considered on lower side. What are the causes of anaemia? Most of the anaemia is caused by lack of nutrients required for normal red blood (RBC) synthesis. Mainly Iron, B12 and Folic acid. This is called as nutritional anaemia. This is form concentration of haemoglobin is less and size of RBC is small. This can be cured by increasing Iron and protien content in the diet. Other reasons for anaemia are; 1. Worm infections causes malabosoption of essential nutrients like Iron, Protein, B12, folic acid. 2. Bleeding- Internal or external bleeding 3. Chronic diseases- like CKD, RA etc 4. Drug toxicity or over use. 5. Thalassemia or sickel cell disease FOOD Recommended by Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) in Iron def anaemia. 1. Food containing iron should be emphasised. These include, Green leafy vegetables- Fenugreek leaves Amaranth leaves Drumstick leave Coriander leaves Mint leaves curry leaves Millets like Ragi and bajra Pulses like chana, horse gram and soya chunks. 2. Vitamin C engances absorption of iron. Hence all iron rich food should be eaten with sour food like lemon, orange, amla and sweet-lime. 3. Oil seeds like garden cress seeds (Aliv/halim) and sesam seeds (Til) are the richest source of dietary iron. This can be soaked and consumed on daily basis. 4.Iron fron Non-vegetarian source is called as Heme-iron. That means readily absorbed by the body. Mutton liver, chicken breast, certain fish, eggs are rich source of heam iron. 5. Food containing B12 and folic acid are very important nutrients in combacting anaemia. Folic acid is found in fresh fruits like orange and vegetables like spinach. 6. Avoid having iron rich foods with large amount of Tea and coffee, Calcium rich food like milk, paneer, curd fibrous food especially cereals with bran. These food interfere with iron absorption. However, evidence for this is quite varied and not fully conclusive. Precautions: 1. Food hygiene is very improtant in prevention of anaemia. Washing green leafy vegetables throughly is very essential as it prevents worm infestion which lead to anaemia. 2. In case of women, consult a doctor if there is excessive menstrual bleeding, miscarriages etc. It is imp that these conditions are tackled early before anaemia sets in. For any further assistance please drop your queries down.

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