Arshdeep Singh

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Are you Afraid of fat?


If you fear fat , you are missing on the gains. Plan your off season wisely. Changing your decisions just when you see a little bit of fat won’t do any good. Off seasons are to grow , to address weak muscles. A planned surplus is important. Better your bulk , better will be your cut. And do you think you have really progressed if you put on 2 kg muscle mass and shred back to your initial starting point after the final cut? Where have you progressed if you started from point A , went upto point D and after the final cut have arrived again at point A?? This happens because we aren’t investing enough time in bulking.We start panicking on seeing fat AND WE ARE AFRAID TO LET GO THE CONDITIONING WE HAD ACHIEVED. Progression starts from mind. I always believe and i quote,” Demolishing a building (fat loss) is comparatively a faster process than construction of a building (muscle building)” So invest time in constructing a building. Take away 1. Mindset is most important. 2. Don’t get affected by others comments.(We all are the best critics in our head) 3. Invest good amount of time in bulking. 4. Your prime objective in bulking should be gaining strength and power and fat accumulation should be secondary.(i never meant you need not be cautious about the increasing fat%) 5. Count your calories with same dedication as you do on a deficit. Thk hai naa!!
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