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Thank your Mom for your pear-shaped body as Pear-shaped people are significantly healthier. Pear-shaped bodies tend to hold onto fat in the hips, thighs and butt. Also where your body stores fat is largely determined by genetics. But that doesn't mean you're destined to have thunder thighs and saddlebags. Eating quantified and getting plenty of exercises can help you whittle your fat stores in all the right places for the slimmer shape you desire.

well, many of you can relate to this. I was always a person who was never thin, never so fat. i was having all my fat in my lower body and it bothers me the same as it bothers many females who are pear shaped. so the question is ARE WE GOING TO BE THE SAME? No !!! you can change this. You simply need to be smart with your diet and training. Your upper body may be slim, but your lower body is heavier and thicker. You can change this. Body composition is the answer. As you burn calories and fat, you will lose total-body fat. But that fat may come from everywhere else on your body before you see slimming in your hips and thighs. If you commit to doing what's necessary to burn fat and have patience, you'll see your measurements begin to shrink and your clothes will fit better. However, it's necessary to be realistic about your expectations. If you have a wide pelvis, you may still have wide hips after slimming down because you can't change your skeletal structure. Even thin pear-shaped women tend to have wider hips. The Truth About Spot Reduction Everyone wants to find the magic bullet for their problem areas. Apple-shaped people may do endless crunches in the hopes for a flatter tummy. Or you may do a ton of cardio but not see any change in your lower body, even though your arms and face are thinner. This is because you can't target specific areas of your body for fat loss. As you burn calories and fat, you will lose total-body fat. But that fat may come from everywhere else on your body before you see slimming in your hips and thighs. Pear-shaped weight loss can be frustrating because the areas where your body holds onto fat are often the last places it lets go of it. That fat is your body's safeguard. Just in case there is an energy shortage, your body wants to make sure it has reserves. It's not going to give those up so easily. Create a Calorie Deficit Fat loss is complicated. It's affected by genetics, age, gender, stress, hormones, health conditions, medications and many more factors. However, a surplus of calories plays a major role. Your body uses calories from food as energy. What it can't immediately use, it stores as fat for future needs. And it stores it where it is genetically predestined to store it in a pear-shaped person. To lose fat, you have to reduce your calorie intake so that your body stops having a surplus of energy and starts digging into the stored fat that's already there. Reducing the calories you consume and burning calories through exercise, creates the required deficit. When you maintain this calorie deficit over time, you will see your fat stores in your hips and thighs begin to shrink. Build Total-Body Muscle Why would you lift weights if you want to reduce the size of your thighs and hips? Here is the answer: Weightlifting: will not make you bulky unless you are following a specific exercise and nutrition program aimed at increasing muscle size. Pound for pound, muscle takes up less space than fat. Losing fat around your hips and thighs, and replacing it with lean muscle mass will make your pear-shaped body appear slimmer. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat. The energy your body expends maintaining and building muscle accounts for your total daily energy expenditure os more than Fat. Thus, the more lean muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolism. Resistance training is good for your health, reducing your risk of chronic diseases, improving cognitive function and mood and helping you sleep better.

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