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Are high protein diets safe for your kidneys?

High protein diets are often blamed for kidney problems and people associate high protein intakes with kidney stones formation.

Existing evidence says that high protein intakes may cause a higher GFR (filtration rate), which means relatively more work done by our kidneys. This does not mean high protein diets are harmful. Below are the researches which compared high protein diets with low protein diets on the kidney health. One of the below study investigated the renal function in a bodybuilder consuming as much as 2.8 gms/kg of body weight / day and concluded that it is safe to consume high protein diets. However, if we have an existing kidney problem, our ability to process protein might decrease and the consumption should be limited in those cases. So, don’t worry when someone tells you that protein is harmful for your kidneys and consume it as per your goal. Ref:


if I take water intake as per recommend will it help to works kidney and liver well sir ??

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