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BCAA- It consist of three essential amino acids-:

✔️Leucine​​​​​ (Stimulate MPS) ✔️Isoleucine (Boost up energy level and improves recovery) ✔️Valine ( Stimulate CNS) Aside from BCAA supplements, these 3 amino acids are found in many high-quality protein sources: Meats, dairy, eggs, and whey protein. Anyone who consumes an adequate amount of protein from their diet is not going to see a benefit from drinking BCAAs, because you've already got enough of the bcaa's from your food you're eating. Acute increases in BCAA levels (mainly leucine) after lifting help stimulate muscle protein synthesis. But, there is no real evidence that BCAA supplements are superior to real foods or even whey protein powder in that regard. This is why pre and post-workout nutrition is very important for better results over time. Not the ‘magical’ BCAAs everyone seems to be praising. ___________________----_________________ But but but ,There are some benefits taking BCAA's under some circumstances- Lifting in a fasted state causes faster breakdown of muscle protein during and after the workout. Unless you are able to get a balanced post-workout meal, taking BCAAs, before or during the session can be beneficial. Without having to eat, you can still slow down the process of muscle protein breakdown until your first meal comes. Furthermore, getting a dose of BCAAs before lifting can help slow down muscle protein breakdown during your lifting session. Cheers!

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