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🤷 Arch lower back! But why?? 🤷 Retract shoulder blades! But why?? 🤷 Bodybuilding modifications! But why??

Exercise Science
It is important to ask why to each and everything your practice and that’s how you’ll learn the right and wrong of each shit that you do.

🏋️ During a bench press movement, there are several things that you can do to get the biomechanical advantage as per your goal. Whether it is to press maximum weights, or hypertrophy. Here are some tips to improve your bench press as per your goal. 💁 The first picture shows the set-up of the bench press where the barbell is right above the shoulder joint. It is where the bar is most stable before you start with the movement. Your shoulder blades should be retracted and DEPRESSED as shown by the green arrow to get maximum stability before you start the movement. 😎 Before you start to press, the barbell should be in line with the elbow joint and the wrist should be right above the elbow joint [As shown in the second picture by the green line]. In short, your joints should be stacked to provide you the maximum power output and press heavier weights. 💪 For Bodybuilders, the reps can be performed in a more continuous fashion without pausing before pressing. There is no need for a too much lower back arch. Yash Kaushik | Fitness Coach
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