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Flexibility & Mobility

Animal Flow is a body-weight program that’s centered largely around ground-based work. It features animal-style movements that encourage core stability and strength, joint strength, and body awareness — all without any fitness equipment.These are essentially a series of physical postures linked together in a fluid sequence, seamlessly moving from one position to another. Animal Flow exercises look similar to yoga asanas , except that the movements are more primal and, possibly, more athletic in nature. A lot of the movements imitate the locomotive patterns of animals, hence the name and the use of terms like “travelling ape", “scorpion reach" and “scorpion rolls".The focus in this workout is how efficiently you can move your body through space—it aims to heighten your sense (the sense of position and movement).The best part about adding animal moves to your overall fitness routine is that they are designed to be safe and suitable for your body. The impressive aspect of animal flow is how well the movement and transition fit together to create an artistic, fluid practice. BENEFITS OF ANIMAL FLOW --------------------------------------------------- 1. Animal movements are designed to improve your overall flexibility and range of motion through mobility,body control and coordination. 2.The Animal Flow workout links physical postures in a fluid sequence and helps increase kin-aesthetic awareness.They require you to support your full body weight, which is why they can be used for strength training. 3.Most day-to-day activities are uni planar and we don’t tax our body in different planes of motion. Modern gym equipment offers one-dimensional movement patterns. Lack of training in different planes of movement makes the body vulnerable to injuries when it is challenged in different planes of motion. Animal Flow patterns are performed in all three planes of movement (up and down, side to side and transverse) and lead to increased kin-aesthetic awareness. 4. Animal moves can be done anytime anywhere.You don’t need access to the gym, or any special equipment. You just need a location with enough room to move, indoors or out with your body as the equipment. It’s the best piece of workout equipment you own! 5. Animal flow help you to have fun with fitness.They are a great way to improve your health by boosting strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. Animal workouts can make you more functional, more human and help you to awaken your mind and embrace your inner child. In the attached video, you will find following moves. 1. Beast 2.Loaded beast 3.Wave 4.Wave unload 5. Scorpion 6.Scorpion reach 7.Crab 8. Crab reach 9.Left leg switch #FittrCoach #Animalflow #mobility


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