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Anger Management

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Okay Awesome Hoomans !! Let’s talk about one of the most challenging emotion “Anger” which we face almost everywhere in our personal and professional life . We will be talking about simple trick to manage the same . Before we move ahead , Just make this permanent impression in your mind that “ANGER LIKE ANY EMOTION IS TEMPORARY, DON’T RUIN YOUR RELATION JUST FOR A SMALL TIME BOUND FEELING” Usually, when someone says something to us which our mind doesn’t accept ,we tend to react immediately . Reacting to any situation makes the things worse. Anger arises when one heart feels far away from another heart. This distance between hearts in relationships whether professional or personal starts generating negative feelings and these negative thoughts then pile up to burst out some day in the form of Anger. So if someone doesn’t want to go far but due to negative emotions they shout at you , and immediately you react on those negative emotions, it again piles up other issues which further increases the distance between hearts and misunderstandings spoils the relations. Solution: When someone is angry on us and says something against us , do not react immediately . Let’s take a pause say 2 minutes and then think about present and future of the topic , post same respond back . When you respond , the aggressiveness turns into assertiveness , the perception changes. You will be right and you will make calm the other person . This method of taking a pause and responding in couple of minutes helps in managing our anger to fullest and when we take a pause for reflection we identify that 90% of the time conversations are useless in such scenarios. So today onwards when someone says something to us we will listen carefully, then take a pause and reflect if that thing is beneficial to me or anyone in present or future and then slowly respond to it. Responding is always preferred than reacting in any situation of life . Try and do share your feedback after a week. Cheers❤️

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