Nachiketh Shetty

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I keep introducing some or the other new shiz in my daily routine just to improve the quality of my life.

Almost a year ago, I wondered what it would be like to suggest the same habit changes to my clients without thinking too much about it; was curious to see how it'd affect their lives. One of those few suggestions was to ask them to meditate everyday. Start with 3mins and then go on to increasing the time once you get comfortable with 3mins. I don't know if this has made an improvement in how my mind works, but most of the clients have started to report some great positive changes that I wasn't even thinking about when I made the suggestion. One of them stopped late night bingeing and can sleep a little earlier than usual. He used to have a problem of overthinking and anxiety which would result in troubled sleep. Another one has stopped thinking about food like she used to all day. She used to have serious food relationship and body image issues. The newest guy, who used to smoke 10 cigarettes everyday, has smoked just once in the last 20days. Even that cigarette, he smoked because I asked him to. Things like these just make my day. They encourage me to keep sharing some irrelevant suggestion which probably isn't even a part of my job, but does impact their lives in a positive manner. Also, now I'm more open to everybody's suggestions now matter what I think about that person. How cool is that!!!

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