Abhijit Singh

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All Wish , some Dream , Few achieve 🎯

Why not everybody reaches the point where they want to be!!

Fitness is a lifestyle , not a destination , however , setting targets at regular intervals is one of the things that can keep u going ! If u want to reach destination point B from point A which already has a set path on which u can travel . On the way U will find -running traffic - speedbreakers - cops 👮‍♀️ that can charge u penalties if ur driving rash or breaking rules - if it’s summer time and the AC stops cooling u feel the extra heat - fast food cafes and all sorts of tempting eating joints , ur stops will surely increase the journey time n believe it or not there are healthy options still available around or u can carry somethings that can keep u going on track U do face challenges and since u are more attached to point A as u started from there and have been staying there for some time now ,chances are that if u haven’t reached destination B u are more vulnerable to going back to point A if ur goal in mind isn’t strong enough or u don’t quite see point B as a place u badly want to reach having seen the challenges coming on the way But if u really want to reach point B , u overcome all these and believe me the satisfaction and happiness of reaching ur dream destination is much much more than any of the challenges u wud have faced Now the time it takes to reach point B depends on -The engine power of ur vehicle - current condition of the vehicle - the efficiency of the driver - whether u took the recommended path -the time at which u started ur journey , more traffic slows the speed ,so does age - how many stoppages u took on the way A quality driver ensures less chances of accidents and also helps his vehicle run longer in a good condition Let’s learn to be a good driver and take care of our vehicles , that’s the only one u have for life :)

Dr Janice Jaison

beautifully written, loved the post , so true

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