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All or Nothing Mentality

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All or Nothing Mentality

In my close to one year of coaching experience and training close to 300 people, the majority reason for people dropping out of the plan is “All or Nothing mentality”. It means you are either following the plan 100 percent or you don’t follow it at all. Some examples this ‘all or nothing’ mentality are: 1. You eat a piece of cake outside of your plan, and you end up giving up on your diet the rest of the day 2. You are not doing any workouts now and waiting for the gyms to reopen so that you can give 100 percent to your workouts 3. You are waiting for Diwali/Christmas to get over because you are waiting for the ideal conditions 4. Your job involves a lot of travel, and you feel that managing diet and workout will be impossible now Can you relate to any of this? Whether you are an “All Person” or “Nothing Person” or routinely swing between the two, none of them lead to long term success. Keep these 5 things in mind when you find yourself leaning on the ‘All or Nothing’ 1. Don’t chase perfection, rather chase progression. A good diet is better than a perfect diet that causes stress. 2 Factor in food that you enjoy and don’t pain yourself with foods you don’t enjoy. Make quantified nutrition work for you. 3. Don’t go for diets with large calorie deficits (not more than 15%) from your existing maintenance calories. 4. Break your long-term goal into short terms goals 5. Take each day as it comes and acknowledge the small victories and don’t beat yourself on few deviations. Always remember, one meal or one workout session cant make you fit and healthy. So, tell me can missing one meal or one workout make you lose all your hard work ? Content by @PraveenBudhrani

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