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All or Nothing?

Should Diet be an All or Nothing approach?

A lot of people follow Diets with names like Keto, LCD, HCD etc. Now these people follow it because they think it to be a miraculous Diet type. Well, they are not. Body understands Energy Balance and works on the principle of Calories in Vs Calories out. If you consume more Calories than you spend, you gain and if you eat less than you spend, you Lose. Few of us when we go out or give in to our cravings to eat something not from the Diet chart, we think that the Diet is spoilt and so we should continue eating whatever we want for the rest of the Day. Well, this is a problem with Diets with names. Remember, I mentioned about Energy Balance. For example: Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure is 2500 Calories and your chart suggests you to have 2000 Calories with a specific amount of protein, carbs and Fat. So there is a deficit of 500 Calories per day which makes up to 3500 Calories deficit per week. It should make you lose approximately a pound of fat over a week. Now, one fine day you go out with friends and consume food not in your chart. So people have two thought process here: 1) Let’s continue eating for the rest of the Day 2) Let’s track how much deviation we made and adjust. The former would find it difficult to sustain the lifestyle for long but the latter will be on track for long. In Case 1, the person might end up eating 5000 Calories(since not tracking) that day which is 3000 Calories more than suggested intake. Since we were trying to create a deficit of 3500 Calories per week, the net loss for the week becomes negligible and the person starts feeling what is the point of Dieting if one deviation could lead to such disaster. End Game 🤷🏼‍♂️! In Case 2, the person tracks approximately the over-consumption of Calories via various apps available. Yes, they are not accurate but it gives an idea. Now here just in case, the person consumes 2700 Calories that day instead of 2000 which means a 700 excess Calories than suggested intake. This person can simply adjust this excess intake by reducing 100 Calories from the suggested intake for the next 7 days(2000-100=1900) and still make progress and stay sane. There is no all or nothing approach when it comes to Dieting. Body understands Energy and macronutrients. Be smart and learn the Nutrition basics to make it your Lifestyle. Note: Do not assume Calories without tracking and do not replace food items mindlessly. No two food items will have same Calories. Food replacements should be handled with care.

Navin Goyal

Nice calculation and an ease to continue ur diet. But people pls stick to ur diet. Be honest with ur body.

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