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ALL ABOUT MUSCLES (Before/ After / During Exercise)


(Before/ During/ After) 💪 Often clients keep saying, inspite following the diet, exercise why aren't my muscles growing. Let us understand, what happens to our muscles while performing exercises. 1. Before you start your resistance training our muscles are in a good condition (first picture) 2. During the process of resistance training, our muscles are not growing physically but they are getting damaged or suffering from certain pain due to the constant physical stress you are applying to it. ( Second picture) 3. After the damage to the muscle fibers, there is a soreness to that muscle which is because of the stress applied to that particular muscle at the time of resistance training. 4. After giving a proper rest and recovery to that muscle, your muscle size will grow bigger and stronger. ( Third picture) Now, let's stop at this stage and let our body function its own way ahead of this. Understand, muscle growth takes TIME! The real recipe is: 100% consistency 💪 100 % dedication 🏋️ 100% hustle 😎 It is not going to happen overnight, so just trust the process if you really want some good gains, Keep your nutrition on point with required protein intake for the day. Stay consistent with your training routine, have a good rest and sleep. So do you trust the process of muscle building? 😜

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