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All about Caffeine!! ⚡⚡

Supplements: Caffeine ⚡⚡

====================== Caffeine can be a very useful supplement if used correctly. Caffeine is powerful stimulant which can be used to improve performance in the gym. Caffeine blocks adenosine which causes tiredness when it binds to receptors in our brain. Caffeine also helps in stimulating the receptors in the brain to improve alertness. Myth about Caffeine =============== > It’s addictive ❌ > A cup of coffee is enough ❌ Truth ==== Caffeine is amazing. But if you think you are taking enough to improve performance (like a cup of coffee) then you are wrong. Adding to it, you develop tolerance for caffeine over time. To get get back on the normal level you might have to diminish usage or might have to withdraw completely to get the potential stimulation benefits upon continuing the usage. Rest of the details are in the post above 👆👆 Hope you like it! Got Questions? Comment below! And tag your supplement freak buddies👇👇 Yash Kaushik Faculty, INFS Nutrition Consultant @ SQUATS (https://www.squats.in/coach/2291&corp=false) Instagram: @yashkfitness (https://www.instagram.com/yashkfitness/) For Professional coaching service visit:- https://www.squats.in/coach/2291&corp=false #supplement #gym #fitness #bodybuilding #health #fit #workout #motivation #nutrition #gymlife #muscle #fitfam #vitamins #fitnessmotivation #protein #shredded #bodybuilder #diet #goals #supplements #beastmode #body

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