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All about Beta Alanine

#TuesdayTidbits:SQUATS Expert Amrut Mangaraj shares information on Beta Alanine in the supplement series today.

Beta Alanine is a conditionally essential(essential to some population) amino acid, derived from the counterpart Alanine. It is used mostly during high-intensity interval exercises and has strong evidence of adding the extra set with more reps. MECHANISM -It works mostly by reducing the body's ph level, making it basic. Lactic acid formation, and acidity from ketone production during a Keto diet are managed. -When mixed with another conditionally essential amino acid Histidine, it forms Carnosine, a more dominant form of Beta Alanine. -Usually taken pre-workout, works best if ingested 45 minutes prior, causing a tingling sensation in the body. -Moderate research points out of having a fat loss effect, efficient when on below maintenance calories. -Consumption with creatine(post workout) enhances strength training to an enhanced level. WHO SHOULD TAKE -High endurance/resistance athletes, who spend more time in physical exercises. -During a keto diet, fatigue is largely reduced due to an active balance of the blood pH levels. - Vegetarian people, as the compound, is largely found in skeletal muscles, fish and beef being the dominant source #betaaalanine #supplements #trainingtips #musclebuilding
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