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All about ACL INJURY!

Injury prevention & Rehab
❓What is ACL( Anterior cruciate ligament)?

🔹Knee joint is made of four bones and four major ligaments. 🔹Bones- Femur, Tibia, Fibula and Patella. 🔹Ligaments- Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), medial collateral ligament(MCL), Lateral collateral ligament. 🔹Here, talking about ACL, it is an ligament which starts from femur lower end (thigh bone) and inserts into the tibia (shin bone). ❓What does it do? 🔹ACL functions mostly in stabilising the knee joint and prevents forward movements of tibia off the line of femur. Also it prevents hyper extension of knee. 🤔Too much science?? Let me simplify! 🔹ACL helps in activities like climbing stairs, brisk walking, running, jumping, squatting down by providing stability to the knee joint! ❓Who can have ACL injury? 🔹ACL injury is most common, occurring among sportsmen especially playing football, basketball, netball, soccer, gymnastics or downhill skiing. Common people also can get injured due to road accidents or traumas. ❓How and when does it injury occur? 🔹ACL tears occur when there is any kind of pivoting or twisting movement in knee. 🔹It can also be caused when there is rapid decelerating movement, for example suddenly stopping while sprinting or jerky turn about, improper landing while jumping, etc. ❓How long does it take to heal? 🔹Injury can be mild sprain to as severe as a complete tear. Depending upon the severity of injury healing time differs. 🔸For mild injury- it may heal within 4-5days. Generally PRICE therapy is advised as first aid. (P- prevention, R- rest, I- icing, C- compression, E- elevation) 🔸Mild to moderate injury- here, few fibres break and may take around 2-3weeks to heal. PRICE Therapy along with bracing and immobilization is advised. Post immobilization phase, one needs to work on Mobility and strengthening of the knee muscles. Exercises such as bodyweight squats, leg press, leg curls and extensions are prescribed. One needs to work on balance as well as agility as a part of rehab. How much & how often will be planned by your Physiotherapist. 🔸Severe cases exhibit complete tear of ligament. It may or may not heal on its own. Generally requires reconstruction surgery. In post surgical rehabilitation physical therapy is advised for regaining range of motion, strengthening and functional capacity. ⚠️Disclaimer: This health information is for general education purposes only. Always consult with your doctor or another health professional to get yourself clinically diagnosed & treated.⁣⁣ #daactarni


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