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Alcohol and fat loss

Fat Loss
Alcohol- because who wouldn’t want to lower inhibitions, get emotionally liberated, connect with people and say things like ‘ Tu hi mera bhai hai!’ ?!

But, what about the fact that after years of ignorance, finally you mustered up the courage to be fit and have dieted for a few days? Does it have to go for a toss? Should your social life cease to exist now? One drink is fine or maybe not? You might want to put these thoughts aside and consider the following facts before you throw caution to the wind: * • After fat, alcohol is the most calorie-dense item - 1g of alcohol has 7 calories. And these are empty calories- no nutritional values at all. Messes up daily calorie intake if you are dieting. * • When consumed, it is used as primary source of fuel -Alcohol—>Acetaldehyde—>Acetate—>carbon dioxide & water. That’s a surface level breakdown of alcohol by the liver. The enzymes involved in this are ‘Alcohol dehydrogenase’( ADH) and ‘Aldehyde Dehydrogenase’(ALDH). In the end, alcohol goes out as the waste product from the body. While all of it is happening, the metabolization of macro & micronutrients are put on hold. Slows down fat loss if you’ve been aiming for that. * • Damages liver and kidneys – Well, alcohol is a product of yeast digestion & can affect the lining of the stomach as well. If consumed in excess regularly, fatty/inflamed liver can be an unwanted outcome. * • Affects judgement with food – When intoxicated, we always tend to overeat. Again, daily calorie intake exceeds bigtime.  * • Can suppress testosterone – Testosterone is a hormone that plays a significant role in metabolic process, muscle formation & even fat-burning capacities. Fat loss, muscle gain- all of it slows down when testosterone is lowered.  * • Can affect the quality of sleep – Increased periods of wakefulness or impaired sleep can result in an imbalance of hormones related to hunger, satiety & energy storage. * • Can affect digestive secretion and movement of the food through the tract. Of course, a drink or two won’t kill you or wreck your fat loss journey altogether. Fat loss is never ONLY about eating certain things. It’s more about building a habit of making a correct choice daily, till the point these habits turn into a lifestyle. After that, you can plan it in your meals accordingly or play around with your calories because you will be aware. But, if you are a newbie into the dieting scenario, adjustment of drinks is not worth it. I say that with personal experience because I’m someone who lives for flexibility and sustainability. And, I had seen myself fail miserably when I tried that in the beginning. True story! 

Kshitij roy

No! That’s nowhere in the article. Calories vary for different groups. For a 650ml beer bottle, calories could vary from 250 - 300 kcals ( depending on alcohol content in beer - 5-8 % ). Differs for vodka n whiskey and cocktails( could be more depending on which sugary drink is added) . Anyway, read more about it. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4338356/ https://www.livestrong.com/article/280263-alcohol-fat-burning/

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