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🙌 Alan Aragon's balanced diet [Questions in comment section]

Dieting Psychology
🤷 Surprisingly, many fitness enthusiasts and Instagram fitness models suggest to eat 80% clean foods and 20% junk as a balanced diet but that’s not a correct way to put it forward. People often confuse it with the plate portion size of their meals.

But but but….. The fact is that we talk about it in terms of calories that you eat per day. [Only for those smart individuals who count their calories or at least keep a track] 👍 The above chart by Alan Aragon can be easily followed as a perfect ratio of whole foods to junk food that you like as a balanced diet. As suggested - 🍗 70% - Whole foods that you like 🥦 10% - Whole foods that you don't like 🍕 10% - Semi SHIT (junk) food that you like 💩 10% - Blatant SHIT (junk) food that you love Yash Kaushik | Fitness Coach

Abhishek Joshi

Over what period can this be averaged? A week, fortnight or a month?

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