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Advance Training Technique

Exercise Science
INFS Faculty Anshul Dhamande discusses about the Advance Training Technique from the INFS Exercise Science Specialist Course.

Autoregulation is a training technique that is adjusted on day to day basis depending on different factors. Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale is one of the way to auto regulate your training program. Its a scale that indicates difficulty of a set which helps in determining the working intensity. The difficulty is judged on the scale from 1 - 10 as described below - 1 to 4 : Very Light to Light Effort 5 to 6 : Could do 4-6 more repetitions (Warm up sets) 7 : Could do 3 more reps 7.5 : Could definitely do 2 more reps, chance at 3 8 : Could do 2 more reps 8.5 : Could definitely do 1 more reps, chance at 2 9 : Could do 1 more reps 9.5 : Could not do more reps but could do 1 rep at a slightly more load 10 : Could not do more reps or load Learn all this and more. Enrol in the INFS Exercise Science Specialist Course.

nisha aggarwal

Hi, I am a software engineer and no prior knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Can I still join this advanced program? is it something else would u like to recommend?

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