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Adjusting your Training Routine

Exercise Science
Due to the Covid – 19 Pandemic and ongoing lockdowns across the country, many gym goers are worried about losing their hard-earned gains. This worry has not only led to the stress among them, but also have led to the added demotivation among the people, who otherwise were very regular with their fitness regime.

Below are few of pointers from my side into your training, which will definitely help you maintain progress, if not make further progress. Doing Something: In one study [1] conducted on 70 adults, where subjects were divided into two groups, where one group completely detrained and second group trained at one-ninth of volume for 8 months. The subjects in the second group were able to preserve the muscle mass even while training sub-optimally, while group that went completely off training, returned to its baseline. Hence this study provides that doing something is way better than not doing anything. Higher Rep Ranges: We all know that there is no specific Rep Range or Load, when it comes to muscle growth [2]. The Rep range of 6-12 is not the fixed protocol but more of practical approach considering that we had an infinite external load at gym and a time constraint. Considering the abnormality of the situation, where the external load is limited, we can always explore going for higher reps to get that effective reps, which will provide our muscles sufficient stimulus for growth. Training at higher rep range with 1-3 reps shy of failure or even going till failure can be the optimal scenario. Practicing Metabolite Technique: Incorporating techniques like Giant Sets, Supersets, Drop sets, Myo-reps can be very useful when it comes to getting that extra volume in your workouts. While I don’t say they are magical by any means but at least I find them more useful than a Circuit or Tabata style workouts. However, this is completely optional and should be done as per one’s preference or motivation. Developing a Skill: Last but not the least, considering the fact that we are not doing our conventional training routine, we can also set a goal of acquiring a skill like clap pushups, pistols squats, one arm push-ups etc. during the period of lockdown. This will not only make us strong but will also keep us motivated and accountable to train regularly. Cheers, Praveen Reference 1. msse/Fulltext/2011/07000/Exercise_Dosing_to_Retain_Resistance_Training.7.aspx ) 2.
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