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Adjusting fitness plans & coping with lockdown.

Yes, the situation is dire. Especially in fitness fraternity. Some of us have shredded fat and now are afraid of gaining it back. Some of us are dreading that our strength will be affected as gyms are closed. Some of us are thinking that once this situation gets over, then we will adopt fitness. Well, it’s quite apparent to feel this way. But all of these worries do not hold much importance right now. Survival is far more critical here.

For those who lost fat and got abs: First of all, good job! But, try being secure about this whole thing. You got here by being consistent with a process. Even if you lose a bit of progress now, you can get here again because you know the recipe. To prevent extreme changes, continue with maintenance calories, eat sufficient protein and keep on with the workouts at home. The group is making sure of this so that you don’t go off track. For those who were peaking in lifting: I can feel the pain of not going to the gym guys. But it’s high time we accept the truth. Just as lifting is a skill, we can find ways to learn other skills. Say callisthenics or different bodyweight training routines. It can be fun. Of course, dumbbells and resistance bands will come to the rescue if nothing works for you. Besides, muscle memory will kick in once you get back to lifting. You will make up for lost time. For those who are starting with a fat loss plan:  NO NEED to feel disheartened. You guys have just started. All you need is a bit of activity and a proper nutrition plan. Now that you guys are at home, you can be very precise with calories. And the home workout is good enough to get you going. When quarantine gets over, you can join the gym to build upon this progress. If you are under the notion that only a gym can help you get lean, you are wrong.  For those who are waiting for this pandemic to get over so that they can start with a fitness plan: There will never be a right time. Earlier the job or lack of time could’ve stood in the way. Now, ample time and non-availability of the gym can be the reason. Well, it’s clear now that a person with lousy immunity is more vulnerable to the virus. And immunity won’t improve by all the herbs and medicines in the market. It grows by adopting a healthier lifestyle. The time cannot be better to choose a fitness plan. Go for it. For those who are unperturbed by all this and going strong everyday with their workouts and consistency with the diet: Well, thank you for inspiring us! You guys are fantastic. 🙂🙏

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