Nachiketh Shetty

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Adding a burger doesn't make flexible dieting sustainable!!!

Flexible dieting does allow you to "fit" in all kinds of food in your diet...sort of.

However, we as humans have a habit of taking things wayy too far sometimes. If someone's told that keto gives them best results "if followed perfectly" we will follow such a rigid eating pattern that some might even end up developing eating disorders. On the other extreme, if you're told that if you enjoy eating burgers from Borgor King then you just have to "fit them in your macros" you'll go out of your way to add every damn food in your diet which got you to your current shape in the first place. Don't be either of the two extremes. Please. There's a time and place for everything. Even burgers. Figure out the foods which you almost always end up overeating even when you aren't hungry. Reduce their intake for a start until you build healthy eating behaviours. Once you've gotten comfortable with eating home cooked, whole foods then you can start introducing these "addictive" foods gradually once in a while. Also, this kinda approach will keep you satiated wayy better than the ultra-processed foods. Once you've filled 80% of your daily intake with whole foods, you can fill the rest of the 20% with a serving of your favorite foods and ensure better adherence in the long run. This 👆 is a lifestyle change...not "fitting burgers into your macros" Ps. This post is not intended to offend any burger lover 💔. If it hurts your feelings, suck it up. 🙂


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