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Acquiring a Habit with a Flow

What is a habit? A tendency to complete a certain set of tasks that develops after regular and diligent practice. While it sounds too simple, doing a certain thing every day so that it soon becomes a habit could be a real task for some. But, why is it so?

Most of us struggle to maintain our eating routine while missing out on the promises made to self to not miss any workout sessions. Every now and then, something might come up as an obstacle. Is our diligence falling short or are we really that lazy and reluctant? Are we not willing to attain that flow of sheer consistency? When we are focused onto something, we get to a flow of it, a rhythm where we are away from all external and internal stimuli. It’s a state of mind that is achieved with soulful concentration and effort. So, let us first try to understand this state of mind before jumping onto the big question of how to develop a habit. When you try to work around your mind to exercise daily you are trying to block your brain for that time / session and work. Similarly, when you are dieting with restricted calories, you are channelizing your brain to those limited calories and variety of foods. There is a reason why its called “mindful eating”. This state of flow could be challenging enough, but helps reach our happier state when we applaud ourselves for its accomplishment. Remember last time your teacher scolded you in the school for not paying attention to what was being taught in the class. Its like meditating into an environment away from all other sources, this could subjectively last for a very short duration though, varying from time to time, individual to individual or the amount of distractions that one allows to affect him/ her at that moment. Ask a pro lifter going to break his/her max, how much attention he/she seeks for before that rep. Still not satisfied? Watch any sports/ game where an athlete is required to pay minutest of attention while performing his/her task. It’s all about building “Focus”. But, then why do we talk about this flow in our dieting world? Well, it’s the same problem of losing focus when an average joe starts following a pattern of food and exercise, a few days of consistency and then it fizzles out. If a plan is sustainable enough(technically) and yet you are struggling to abide by, then my friend, you really need to work upon your focus and consistency. You need to develop that tenacity by working upon your weaknesses. Let’s check out a few of those work around: - Maintain the same routine of habits daily and keep it simple. - Keep a fixed time for exercises and meals, too much flexibility can ruin the things at times. (you weren’t taught to brush your teeth after breakfast right, it would be one of those first tasks when you wake up). You need to time block tasks for yourself. - Set small milestones for yourself which gives you immense happiness and glory. While one could set a goal of increasing few lbs on the bench after 10–15 days, the other could keep a goal of fitting into some clothes after a certain span of time, make it realistic though. Once you achieve it, appreciate and pat yourself by rewarding something, may be a planned cheat day or an off from workout, so that you recollect all your focus and get back on track soon. - Read books, and most important of all, start maintaining a daily journal of your day to day routine, so that you can rate yourself . - Meditation — Well a few minutes of silence could bring in a lot many positive changes in the mindset and the way you think. While, the list could go on, it’s all about repeating the things, after all its the mother of all skills. Seek for that flow. Inspired by:

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