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ACL Reconstruction: Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Injury prevention & Rehab
I have come across many people asking about the post ACL reconstruction exercise plan, here is an overview of the rehab program usually designed by a Physiotherapist.

After ACL reconstruction surgery, the muscles of affected limb weaken and joint mobility also decreases significantly along with balance and coordination. 🔸Hence major goals for rehab are- AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE 1. Regain the lost muscle strength 2. Regain the joint range of motion completely 3. Diminish the joint stiffness 4. Gain good functional stability thereby mobility 5. Decrease the risk of re-injury After the surgery, it is important to keep a timely check on goals accomplishment with time. As in for ✨Week 1- • One must focus on reducing pain and swelling. Icing and elevation can help. • 70 degrees of knee flexion. • Knee cap mobilization • One must to able to flex and extend knee completely under the assistance • Strengthening of muscles ✨Week 3-4 • One must go for increasing the stance phase i.e. try to stand, balance, walk-on with help of crutch and develop control over quadriceps and hamstrings (thigh muscles) •Above 90 degrees of range of motion for knee flexion. ✨Week 5 • The use of the brace should be reduced. • Once enough strength is gained, closed chain exercise is started and gradually open chain exercises. Progression rate depends on pain, swelling and control and strength of quadriceps. • Balance exercise is also included. ✨Week 10 • Dynamic & complex movements should be started by this time. • Isokinetic exercise is introduced ✨Month 3-4 • Functional exercises such as running, jumping, etc. can be done. • Balance and coordination exercises are enhanced by surface stability (trampoline), speed of exercises, the complexity of the task, resistance, etc ✨Month 5-6 • The final goal is to maximize endurance & strength knee stabilizers with sports specific activities for athletes. Feel free to drop your queries in the comment section. Will be happy to help! ⚠️Disclaimer: This health information is for general education purposes only. Always consult with your doctor or another health professional to get yourself clinically diagnosed & treated.⁣⁣ #daactarni


Hi! I finished 4 months of ACL surgery and from the past 2 weeks my knee cap hurts when i do heavy drills. Also theres clicking sound from the knee when i extend it. is it normal for the clicking to happen and is it okay if i continue with the jumps and running though there is pain?

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