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This will sound clichéd, but let me say this - It is that time of the year, when people think about their New Year Resolutions. Losing weight and better health is probably the most common resolution that people take. And we know the success rate of New Year Resolutions is very low. You may have seen many people take gym memberships at the start of every year. How many actually use it through the year?

Some are able to push through the first few months and do reduce the weight. Some give up half way through. Part of the people who did reduce weight in the first few months, go off-track losing all the progress made earlier in the year. We’ve all been there at some point in time. Those TRULY DETERMINED few who are able to lose weight and then maintain it as well, those are the transformations that you see on this page and get inspiration from. Think about it - Everyone starts with a similar goal of healthy diet/more exercise/lose weight. Then why is it that only a few are able to achieve it? Main difference is in the APPROACH. They don’t focus only on the END RESULT. They mainly focus on the PROCESSES and HABITS needed to achieve the end result. Allow me to explain. STEP 1) You choose an END RESULT (the goal), which provides a direction towards which all your actions should be pointed. In this case, lets say losing weight. STEP 2) You create a PROCESS to achieve the end result (the goal). In this case lets say exercising 4 times a week. So, your priority should be to FOCUS ON THE PROCESS. If you STICK TO THE PROCESS, the end result will come on its own. So for this year try to shift your FOCUS. Instead of keeping the end result/goal as – lose weight, look at the PROCESS you need follow in order to achieve it and keep that as your goal. So your goals could be like – - Workout 4 times a week - Take a calendar and mark it for every workout you do. Filling the calendars with marks will act as a motivation/challenge for you. - Meal prep and planning over weekend – This ensures you stay on better track with your diet - Wake up 15-30 minutes earlier every day by sleeping 15-30 minutes earlier every day – equation remains the same. If that does not work, try in 5-minute increments over certain number of days. - Reduce time spent on social media – you can use apps to track your usage. This is how you shift your focus to process. You work on building a process and habits. You can divide these further to smaller goals or routines, which act as a cue for you to do the activity. Like laying out your workout clothes and shoes at night before you go to bed. Initially it would need effort to stay on track, however very soon this’ll be something you do automatically. This is when you’ve developed a habit. The end result – to lose weight, will automatically start to show. Also because you have the habits in place now, it’ll become much easier to maintain the weight lost. If you keep your focus on process and try achieving small goals everyday, the overall task doesn’t seem as daunting. Also, since the goal is to workout 4 times a week and not to “lose 1 kg in 2 weeks”, even if the scale doesn’t move as much, you won’t feel frustrated. If you keep the goal as lose ‘X’ kgs in ‘Y’ time, you will be extremely frustrated with daily weight fluctuations or when the scale doesn’t move…hence a chance of giving up sooner. So this year change your APPROACH. FOCUS on PROCESS. Do not let this be another year where you make a resolution and don’t achieve it. Wish you a Happy and Healthy 2020.


Well explained... SMART resolution..

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