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A Peaceful Sleep

Sleep & Stress
We are aware how sleep plays an major role in our Fitness Journey. When you wake up in the morning, Do you feel tired? Is your sleep Satisfactory ? Let’s read this:

Lately with enhancement of social media platforms, Humans spend on an average of 6 hours surfing phones or other devices. It is ok if it’s throughout the day however before going to bed our subconscious mind has this capability to draw visions which has occured throughout, specially the ones we see before going to bed. So if someone has seen horror movie before bed, the emotions of fear, anxiety , stress will be up and they won’t be able to sleep peacefully. Same emotions with social media arise because 75% of the stuff we see is either unnecessary or negative. A peaceful sleep demands some positive scope of inputs to our sub conscious mind and when you read or visualise something positive or motivational before going to bed, the feelings of love, happiness, calmness are active which relaxes your mind and hence gives you peaceful sleep. Also, the emotions of Success, energy, hapiness are active which makes you wakeup fresh next morning and which inturn helps you plan the next day much better. Keep your phones away and shut down all the devices an hour before you go to sleep. Instead read few pages of any one of the good/motivational book or do something which makes you happy . The more positive you read , feel or visualize , the more powerful your sleep will be and better the next day will be. Try that tonight .. Cheers❤️

Pradeep Parvate

Yes you are correct I am also a victim of sleep disorders and stick with lots of stuff (this bloody Mobile also ) trying to manage for the focus. This article is motivating me for being on track. thanks

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