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A few facts about ‘bulking’.

Muscle Building
More than calories, and progressive loading in the gym, ‘Bulking’ requires a lot of intellect and patience. The fact that you are going to put on fat is absolutely there. But many times, we end up trying to get fat intentionally during the bulk phase. We think that we have a free pass to include whatever we want in our diets and we go overboard with it.

 It does not have to happen this way! We can still choose to be intelligent about this. Calorie planning is essential here. Create a small surplus, say 200 kcals above your maintenance and see how you respond to it. Even with a small surplus, you are going to gain a bit of fat. It’s never going to be all muscles. So, it’s better to be very particular about the surplus. Observe progress and manipulate calories accordingly ! 
 Since the fat gain is going to happen, you might end up losing the aesthetic appeal of your body for a while (or maybe not if you are too blessed). And that’s okay! Part of the game. But if you are not okay with the particular ‘flab’ that you’ve gained so far, you can go for a mini cut! The idea is not to get shredded to the bone, but merely cut a bit of fat in 4-5 weeks, so that you remain sane with your body image. And also, to keep fat gain at a particular boundary. 
 Last but not least, gaining requires a lot of patience. This whole process will require you to have a healthy relationship with the food, consistent lifting progress in the gym and a sense of comfort with how your body looks. So, this whole ‘patience’ thing is a must. Practice it every-time you get restless about all this. That’s how you are going to cultivate it.

Deepak Gawas

Hello, Currently in bulking in last 4-5 months having calories around 3200 & gained around 3.5kgs. How to plan mini cut? . Is it means eating around maintenance calories for 4-5 weeks & again start back bulking? Kshitij Roy Please help with query. Thanks

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