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A Beginner's guide for shortcut transformation.

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Welcome! Welcome to the basics: So, you must have seen a wonderful transformation of a friend, member or anyone for that matter and you are equally willing to transform like them. It is human tendency to ask suggestions, take opinions before you start something new. The first question that commonly observed is: what is the diet that you followed, what all foods you consumed, what are the supplements you used? Now that you saw your friend eating his favorite food in diet every day and still losing fat, you try to start the same, you order your favorite food and follow it for a week or so just to learn that it did not make any much difference to your body. You end up thinking that the kind of diet you are doing is not giving you the result or you blame your friend for giving you incorrect advice. The sad but the interesting part is you never knew what calories he was on, he might be having a meal worth of 300 kcal whereas the food that you bought from the restaurant had nearly 600-800 kcal or even more, you never know. Reason you failed, reason you did not get the expected results DID YOU KNOW WHY?? >> You do not have a track of what you consumed. >> How much you consumed (QUANTITY) >> Why you consumed (REASON AND LOGIC BEHIND IT) >> Ratio of macro/ micro distribution QUANTIFICATION is one of the most proven method of dieting to get the desired results. On any given day quantification has its own advantages when compared to approximative diet: >> You have a proper distribution of macro-nutrients >> You are measuring the food/ food items and have a reference for start point. >> Depending on how you progress you may make the changes accordingly to reach your desired goal. Irrespective of the goal, quantification becomes very necessary if an individual is serious about his/her goal. While it becomes very difficult or not so possible at time to quantify the diet while on special occasions such as travel/ vacation, approximative method should help, provided one has followed a quantitative diet for decent amount of time and knows the quantity differences, following a quantitative diet for a long time you may become like a robot which knows just by seeing the food what is right, right quantity and selection of same. Overall, being aware of your daily requirements for the results, consistent efforts will help on eventually reach one’s goal! "Every individual is unique, so is caloric requirement".

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